Buy the Best BJJ Gi or the Cheap BJJ Gi for kids

Price is a main factor when choosing a kid´s jiu jitsu gi or a bjj gi. Some Parents will buy the best brazilian jiu jitsu gi they can find. Others will only look at cheap jiu jitsu kimono. Depending or your economics both strategies may work.

An expensive bjj gi may not be a good idea if you are not sure about your children likes, if they are just starting to study Brazilian jiu jitsu. Due the physical of the sport newcomers frequently quit. Two kids staring one each other before a jiu jitsu bout

Two kids staring one each other before a jiu jitsu bout

Because of that, probably it´s not a good idea to buy the most expensive jiu jitsu gear with a lot of jiu jitsu patches just because you want your kid looks like  a pro.

Purchasing a cheap Gi could be a bad idea. If your kid end up loving the sport, you’ll have to go shopping a new Gi sooner o later

My advice is to purchase a mid-range Bjj gi that meets all their needs without being too expensive unless you find a bjj gi sale. This way you get a quality gear with out burning your money.

Pros of having the Best Jiu Jitsu Gi

Before anything, the term “best Bjj Gi” does not exist. It should also be understood that having the right gi won’t automatically turn your kid into the world’s greatest jiu jitsu Master.

Training is the key. However, a great gi can still give you some advantage when practicing.

Fit and comfort are two of the most important things you will look in a good gi. If the gi is smaller or larger, it is gonna be a real handicap. (nothing is worse than tripping over your own uniform or having your movement restricted during an important move).

Confidence and comfort may not sound all that impressive for parents, but they’re deciding factors when the kid is in the mat.

If you’re still skeptic about this, ask yourself why so many great fighters dedicate enormous amounts of time to finding jiu jitsu kimonos that fit their needs. Durability and material thougness are principal matter for most of the pros.

Tips On Choosing your kid BJJ Gi

Every bjj gi has its own unique features and advantages. If you want to get the best you can afford money is not all, you’re gonna need to know what to look for:

  1. The Fit: Make sure that the gi isn’t too loose or too tight for your kid. If it is, choose a different size or move on to another style. An ill fitting gi is a nightmare. It will make the practitioner more vulnerable to grabs.
  2. Comfort: A gi that’s not going to irritate you, even after 1 hour of competition and sweat. Lighter weaves are good for this since they are more breathable and generally made from softer materials.
  3. Durability: You want a Gi that will last at least a year. In any case not less, look for a Gi with reinforced stress points with  extra padding in places that usually tear, like the armpits. This will increase longevity, saving you from having to constantly replace your gear.

If you consider nothing else, at least look for a gi that fits properly, is comfortable to wear, and can last for more than a year. These three factors will help you to find a Gi that suits your needs and enhances your fighting capabilities.

Finding  for a kid jiu jitsu gi may seem simple, but is not.  The most important thing to remember about is that kids grow and some grow pretty fast . When shopping for a kid’s BJJ gi you should look for something with a little extra room in it. The gi shouldn’t be baggy or oversize, but it should be large enough to still accommodate them if they end up growing.

By making sure that the gi has some room for a child’s growth, and is durable enough to withstand any kind of rough play, you can save yourself a lot of money.

This is a Fuji Bjj Gi for kid

This is a Fuji Bjj Gi for kid

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