Kimono Jiu Jitsu or Jiu Jitsu Gi?

What is a Jiu Jitsu Kimono and why to call it BJJ Gi.

Kimono: Is a Japanese traditional garment. Has come to denote these full-length robes. Kimono is always used in important festival or formal moments, it is the representative of polite and a very formal clothing.

As you may notice, major manufacturers refers to the uniform as kimono or gi, (as a kimono is a more universal word is easy to be read by the internet audience)

Jiu Jitsu: Is a Japanese martial art and a method of close combat for defeating an armed and armored opponent in which one uses no weapon or only a short weapon.

So after these definitions a jiu jitsu Kimono is a robe used to practice Jiu Jitsu. But it is no so simple in real life: A BJJ gi of today is as important to its owner as armor was to the ancient Samurais. These kimonos are very meaningful for people who perform this martial art but the best thing to call a jiu jitsu kimono is “jiu itsu gi” due this:

Although the word kimono is not exactly wrong, the kimono is regarded as a traditional Japanese garment. The word “kimono” literally means a “thing to wear” (ki “wear” and mono “thing”). This is usually associated with the traditional colorful robes more commonly (but not exclusively) worn by women and children in Japan.

The word “gi” derives from “keikogi” which means training gear. Keiko signifies “practice” in Japanese, while gi means “dress” or “clothes” (similar to the “ki” in kimono). This is a budō term in which the word “keiko”can also be replaced by the word “do” meaning path, road or way. Dogi is a very common in Japan, used to explain your training clothing.

To conclude Jiu Jitsu Gi means “jiu jitsu clothes” or “jiu jitsu uniform” as we exclude the term “kimono” due his definition of traditional japanese clothing, very different to the ones used to practice this sport.

The Jiu Jitsu Gi uniform consists of 3 pieces: a jacket or top, a pair of drawstring pants, and a belt. The Gi is made out of a specially weaved cotton material that will be able to withstand the rigorous practice of Jiu jitsu without immediately tearing.

Here you can see a fighter (blue) using a gracie barra Jiu jitsu Gi

The martial artists generally classify the jiu jitsu kimono depending on the material that is used in fabrication. The most popular are:

  1. With single weaves are the lightest while the double weave uniforms are the heaviest ones.
  2. With gold weaves may be light or heavy depending on the fabric used.
  3. With hybrid weave made from one piece of material.

The pants of the jiu jitsu kimonos are not manufactured of the same material as the tops. Three different types of fabrics are used to make these pants. These are:

  1. Drill cloth the most popular fabric and the traditional material that is used for manufacturing the jiu jitsu pants.
  2. Rip stop are now gaining popularity as they are harder to rip or tear and some of them may never rip.
  3. Canvas is most comfortable and it has a better tear resistance compared to the drill cloth fabric.

The colors that are allowed by the competition rules are black, white and blue. The belt color must be according to the category of the martial artist.

Today the there are many different brands, deciding whic is the  best jiu jitsu kimono is a difficult choice. Here are some brazilian jiu jitsu kimono: Kimono Atama jiu jitsu: Atama is a japanese word which means head, mind, intelligence. Because of the variety and the quality of their products, Atama became known worldwide. Atama is present in the whole Brazil territory and exports for many countries in Europe, United States, Japan, Australia, United Arab Emirates and others.



  1. Kimono Koral jiu jitsu: Koral has long been known to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu players worldwide as one of the top Brazilian kimono companies in the market. Renowned for their toughness and durability, the Koral gi’s state-of-the-art construction has made Koral a top MMA fight brand for years.

What’s the difference between a Jiu Jitsu Kimono and a Judo Gi?

Basically in form and function, they are the same: a heavy top with a thick collar for throwing and wrestling, pants typically with reinforced knees for wrestling, and a belt for keeping the top closed as well as being an extra hand hold.

At a beginner training and competition level, the use of either jiu-jitsu kimono or judo gi is mutually exclusive, it’s the uniform that you get beat in. Jiu-jitsu tournaments are more poorly organized than judo, so a proper judo uniform is necessary for competition but jiu-jitsu kimonos fall in this category.

From what I have observed, it seems like the judo uniform sleeves can be worn higher and tighter than in jiu-jitsu. The jiu-jitsu kimonos have thicker lapels on average and are built to withstand the rigors of groundfighting. Judo gi’s usually have a two piece cut, while jiu-jitsu has a one or two piece cut.

Here is a little Guide to choose the right Jiu jitsu Gi for you:

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