Brazilian jiu jitsu with grappling shorts: No Gi.


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ADCC 2016 photo

Gi: Uniform (In the jiu jitsu wouls be bjj gi or kimono jiu jitsu).

No: Without.

No-Gi Jiu jitsu: it is the jiu jitsu partitioned without the jiu jitsu gi.

Some people just call it grappling (they says is the lack of techniques involving the use of the belt or the use of the jacket plus the lack of grip is not Jiu jitsu).

No -Gi is my favorite form of Jiu Jitsu , Purist of traditional Jujtsu simply calls it  grappling ( claiming that the lack of techniques based on the usage of kimono jiu jitsu techniques and the lack of techniques  using the martial belt arts make this discipline can´t be called  be jiu jitsu completely ). No-Gi is the submission fight in which the techniques of jujutsu and brazilian jiu jitsu are used in order to achieve submission or submission of the opponent, in this mode are used, the score is different than traditional jiu jitsu, No Gi competition mainly allows the Heel Hooks, which in jujutsu competition is not allowed due to the dangerous nature of the technique ( is very easy to fracture an ankle with this technique).

gracie magaszine, popovitch

Lovato vs. Popovitch in No-Gi Worlds final courtesy of Gracie Jiu Jitsu Magazine

In no-gi Brazilian jiu jitsu, enthusiasts wear no gi. As a substitute they wear rash guards and grappling shorts also called mma shorts (due the duality of usage in both disciplines). Mixed Martial Arts enthusiasts might be used to seeing mixed martial artists in either only compression shorts or compression shorts under board shorts, but without having shirt, female mixed martial arts practitioners tend to wear sports bras, perhaps a rash guard, and compression shorts and perhaps board shorts. So there are a lot of options, though straight bjj academies tend to prefer students to cover up on top; unlike the professional mixed martial artist, typical bjj students have no incentive to put their faces into somebody’s naked armpit.

Also in MMA events, you will always see a referee checking to make sure the men are wearing cups. I have heard this referred to as the “jock knock,” due to the fact the athlete frequently raps on the cup with his knuckles to prove it is there. (And yes, I wish I could take credit for inventing the phrase.) Some straight bjj tournaments forbid the wearing of cups, while others do not. For regular training, different men have different preferences, and of course, women do not need to deal with this at all.

I started out with BJJ Gi, but then as we transitioned in  my mma academy to just MMA training we went no gi and I vastly preferred it. Rolling and pulling moves with the gi just seemed so artificial, the no gi training seemed more pure and real. Plus a lot less hot, with a nice heat gear rashguard instead of heavy cotton gi is most comfortable and no talking about my bag every day is a lot less heavier than a year ago when I used Gi (A BJJ Gi sweated is a very heavy load to my back).

The majority of pro jiu jitsu fighters compete in gi and NoGi Modalities:

I begun out using BJJ Gi, however as we moved forward in  our mma academy to only MMA training we went no gi and I widely recommended it. Rolling and pulling techniques with the gi just seemed so unnatural, the no gi training appeared far more pure and real. Plus a lot less hot, with a nice heat gear rashguard rather of weighty cotton bjj gi. Is very comfortable and no talking about my back pack every single day is a lot less heavier compared to 1 year ago when I used Gi (A BJJ Gi sweated is a very heavy load to my back).

Talking about No-Gi somebody said on an internet forum that no-gi trains to use the body instead of the outfits. All human beings have a body, not all people wear clothing in all situations of their life. Gi training is useful and neat but there are a lot of impracticalities that only make sense if you’re wearing the right set of clothes.

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