Top 5 Women Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi. (based in the look).

Lets be sincere: One of the most happy moments for a jiu jitsu practitioner is the time to buy and to Wear for first Time your brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi, that set of clothes that shows how hard we trained before the clothes get bleached, and when you are using a new one to become off all your partners at your local Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy.

The brazilian jiu Jitsu gi is for the athlete the equivalent to a warriors armor, is for that reason that the fighters wants their “armor” to shine, to be unique, and to send a message to the rivals, that you are “the real deal”. In this article we are going to see the brazilian jiu jitsu gis more pretty for girls, their brand and details. In the martial arts fashion wotrld there is a lot of option to look like the most “pro” at your martial arts academy, no matter if the color of your martial arts belt is white.


Top 5. Century Ami James Limited Edition Koi Gi.

Ami James the pioneer of Tattoos reality Shows, better known for NY Ink and Miami Ink in conjunction with CENTURY MARTIAL ARTS,  has amde a limited edition of their Jiu jitsu Gi, with golden sewing and a black detail in the jacket lower part, make this Bjj gi a top choice to train if you want to look flawless. With a unique quality finishes every Amy Jam,es jiu Jitsu Gi comes in a wooden bok with an Ami James branded lid. This Edition has three variables: The Koi Gi, The Dragon Gi an the Snake Gi.  But the perfectly design for a BJJ Cocky Fighter is the Koi Gi.

Amy James edition

Amy James Edition

Top 4. Girl Koral MKM Harmonik Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi. Pink.

Koral as we all know is one of the top competitior in the Brazilian jiu jitsu kimono market. Koral got the Quality standars very high. This BJJ Gi was designed, modeled, and cutted in Brazil specificly for the female body shape, This BJJ Gi is light and strong at the same time, it offers more liberty and movements qith the same quality than Male Koral Jiu Jitsu Kimonos. The 3 available colors are: Pink with pink sewing, Royal blue with pink sewing and Black with pink sewing, all of these shows the best of the elegance and performance in the”arte suave” tatames.


Koral MKM Oink Jiu Jitsu Gi

Top 3. Venum Challenger 2.0 Women BJJ GI. Royal Blue.

This gi is made from aspecial light pearl weave to make sure it is perfect for summer or hot weather. This gi will give you extra help making weight for competition. It was women fitdesigned in collaboration with Luiza Monteiro (the most prominent female jiu jitsu fighter in the Gracie Jiu jitsu academy), the jacket is made in pearl weave cotton for upper durability and lighter weight of 410 grams. The pants are made with reinforced cotton and a embroidery across the gi, shoulders with wovenpatches and collar made of sublimated polyester in the inner for a fashion look and an improved comfort.

Venum Challenger 2.0 BJJ Gi

Venum Challenger 2.0 BJJ Gi


Top. 2. Fuji Women’s Sekai Jiu Jitsu Gi – BLUE/TEAL.

Sekai means “World” in Japanese. This authentic & IBJJF Approved BJJ Gi from FUJI Sports was designed for serious performance and as a tribute to the world of BJJ. Inside print features some of the most popular areas where BJJ is widely practiced. The women’s Sekai also features the Japanese Kanji “Onna”, meaning “Woman”.

Sekai Omma Jiu Jitsu Kimono. Blue

Sekai “onna” Jiu Jitsu Kimono. Blue


Top. 1. Fuji Womens Gi Blue Blossom.

Designed for women, by women the FUJI Blue Blossom Gi #7016 is an IBJJF approved gi that is great for training and competition. FUJI Blue Blossom gi features cherry blossom designs on both shoulders and light green contrast stitching. it has several performance features that give this brazilian jiu jitsu gi and edge over their competition (as you may know not all is about good looking (;   )


  • Slightly shorter arms
  • Tapered sleeves and pants
  • Smaller waistline
  • 100% Cotton
  • IBJJF Approved



Afther that all female atletes may talk about which one is the better dressed for the tateme action.